Management Committee

The main purpose is to oversee the working of the Research Tissue Bank so that it adheres to its primary aims and objectives.
  • Co-Chair: Professor Hemant Kocher
  • Co-Chair: Ms Maggie Blanks, PCRF
  • HTA Representative: Mr Graham Tate
  • Bioinformatics and Data Governance: Professor Claude Chelala
  • Caldicott Guardian: Dr Jane M Hawdon
  • Nursing Representative: RN Charmaine Graham
  • Patient advocate: To be confirmed
  • Lead pathologist: Dr Joanne Chin-Aleong

Operations Board

The main remit is to ensure that day-to-day operations are performed efficiently and audited to meet requirements of the existing laws and regulations.
  • Co-Lead: Professor Hemant Kocher
  • Co-Lead: Ms Maggie Blanks, PCRF
  • Tissue Collection Officer: Ms Amina Saad
  • Data Management: Professor Claude Chelala
  • Tissue Bank Manager: Ms Rhiannon Roberts
  • Database Manager: Dr Abu Dayem Ullah
  • Site Representatives:
    • Churchill Hospital, Oxford: Mr Zahir Soonawalla
    • Leicester General Hospital, Leicester: Mr Deep Malde
    • Morriston Hospital, Swansea: Mr Bilal Al-Sarireh
    • Royal Free Hospital, London: Professor Brian Davidson
    • Saint Bartholomew's Hospital, London: Dr David Propper
    • University Hospital Southampton: Mr Mohammed Abu Hilal
    • The Royal London Hospital, London: Mr Ajit Abraham


Access Committee

To be confirmed.